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Exams and Testing

Whether for federal, school or workplace requirements, we offer multiple specialty exams for your unique needs. 

School Physicals and Vaccinations

Sports and Pre-Participation Physicals


STD Testing

Urine, Serum and Hair Drug Testing


DOT Medical Physicals

VA Disability Exams

Return-to-duty Exams

*** Immigration Physicals

*** The Immigration Physical is conducted in 2 stages, first any necessary bloodwork, vaccination titers and history are acquired at our location here in Culpeper, and then at a later date the physical exam and any other required testing is conducted at our sister-location, the Ashburn Walk-in and Primary Care Clinic in Ashburn, VA. 

Scheduling your appointment ahead of time speeds up your visit and helps you to avoid wait times. 

Call to reserve your visit today!

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