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For those unexpected needs

For all of those sudden illnesses, minor injuries or last-minute visits, we offer many services to treat multiple conditions, including the following:

Allergic Reactions, Insect Stings, Rashes & Acne

Laceration Repair and Suture Removal

Strains & Sprains

Sinus, Ear and Upper Respiratory Infections

Urinary Tract /Yeast Infections and STD Testing

Wound Cleaning / Packing

Asthma Attack/Bronchitis Treatment/Spirometry

​Cyst/Boil Treatment/Removal

Ear Cleaning

Flu, Strep Throat, Mononucleosis & RSV Testing

​Ingrown Toenail and Plantar Wart Treatment

Splinter Removal and Tick Removal

EKG's - And Much More!

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